About The Course

About The Course

In future, Blue Hadal is planning to start the first-ever degree program dedicated to Maritime Transportation and Logistics in India to address the national need of qualified professionals to gear the Indian Maritime Industry.
The degree program intends to provide the students with the required knowledge, skills and attitudes to utilize the limited resources in the Maritime and Logistics industry and to drive the industry to the next level through efficient, effective and innovative solutions.
The curriculum of the degree program is designed with the consultation of senior academics and practitioners in the industry to prepare students to take leadership roles in the sectors of shipping, port operations, freight forwarding, logistics services, supply chain management, manufacturing etc.

Study areas in the course

The degree program consists of Maritime Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, General Management, Maritime Law, Finance Management, Economics modules in addition to supporting modules of Business Communication, Basic Mathematics, Business Statistics, and Business Etiquette.

Program outcomes

  • Apply and demonstrate broad knowledge of management, maritime transport and logistics theories to the analysis of complex Maritime Transportation and logistics problems.
  • Assess legal and environmental issues related to Maritime and Logistics industry.
  • Apply broad knowledge of sustainable development concepts and business practices required for dealing with contemporary issues related to maritime transportation and logistics industries.
  • Contribute in creation of new knowledge, through carrying out research, for identifying and filling out the theoretical gaps in the field of maritime transportation and logistics.
  • Capable of working efficiently with the others in the community, through; effective communication in both oral and in writing; public relations and leadership skills.
  • Analyze and critically evaluate arguments and issues pertaining to the Maritime transport and Logistics management discipline.
  • Apply research skills to develop solutions to practical issues pertaining to maritime transport and logistics management.
  • Ability to handle dilemmas in professional life ethically and successfully.
  • Willing to appreciate the value of a broad-based Maritime and Logistics education, and engage in continuous professional development through lifelong learning, higher education, and memberships in professional bodies.
  • Understand the ethical and professional responsibilities of the managers and professionals in the maritime and logistics fields.
  • Recognize the impact of their decisions & resolutions on the economy, industry, and society.
  • Sustain a lifelong learning experience by updating themselves with emerging trends in the Maritime and Logistics industries.