Semester 1

Introduction to Shipping

Principles of Economic

Principles of Management

Introduction to Logistics Management

General English

Basic Mathematics

Semester 2

International Trade & Finance

Introduction to Sea Ports

Sea Freight Management

Organizational Behavior

Business Mathematics

Information Technology for Transport Management and Logistics

Legal Principles

Survey Methods

Semester 3

Shipping Law

Port Operation

Managerial Economics

Port Agency Functions

Marine Insurance

Business Statistics

Customs and Boarder Management

Semester 4

Air Freight Management

Procurement Management

Financial Accounting

Operations Management

Inventory & Warehouse Mgt.

Maritime Economics

Inland Freight Management

Industrial Training

Semester 5

E commerce and Governance

Customer Relationship Management

Quality Management

Costing and Management Accounting

Chartering & Ship Broking

Port Planning

Industrial Training

Semester 6

Advanced Business Communication

Law of the Sea

Marine Environmental Management

Financial Management

Operations Research

Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Industrial Training